Lifetick and Munzai Solutions join forces to reshape marketing tactics

Lifetick CaseStudy with Munzai Solutions

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Client Overview

Lifetick, a dynamic player in the goal-setting and workflow management sector, teamed up with Munzai Solutions to supercharge their sales and marketing campaign with the clear objective of pinpointing the ideal audience, awakening their recognition of Lifetick’s essential value, instilling a sense of urgency, and driving them to immediate action, such as signing up for Lifetick. Like a strategic partnership destined for greatness, Munzai Solutions was entrusted to lead the charge.

The Pre-Munzai Approach

Prior to partnering with Munzai Solutions, Lifetick had been managing its sales and marketing efforts independently. While they did manage to secure some initial sign-ups, a significant challenge emerged. Many users were hesitant to upgrade to the premium account or access specific features, and some even disengaged from the app after setting just one or two goals. It became clear that their existing approach, although initially attracting users, was failing to retain them or encourage further engagement.

The Traditional Approach

Lifetick’s traditional strategy involved conventional marketing and sales techniques that were no longer effective in the evolving market landscape.

  • Market Saturation: Lifetick operated in a highly competitive landscape where distinguishing itself from rivals offering more appealing propositions was a constant struggle.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Their internal sales team was stretched thin, juggling numerous tasks that left them with insufficient time to effectively promote Lifetick and secure sign-ups.
  • Lack of Management: The absence of adequate tools, including the absence of CRM platforms, made it challenging to streamline their sales and marketing operations.
  • Small Team Burnout: Sales representatives, burdened with extensive prospecting responsibilities, faced burnout, resulting in an inefficient sales pipeline.
  • Inadequate Training: Lifetick’s staff lacked the necessary training to accomplish their business development objectives effectively.
  • Deal Tracking Challenges: Many valuable opportunities remained trapped in the sales pipeline, resulting in missed chances for growth.
  • Handling Rebuttals: Lifetick’s sales team grappled with modern prospects who posed tough questions, often leading to missed opportunities.

Choosing Munzai Solutions

Recognizing these challenges, Lifetick decided to seek outside expertise. They chose to outsource a team of telemarketing experts trained to deliver optimal results for their sales and marketing efforts. After thorough analysis, Munzai Solutions emerged as the perfect fit for the job, becoming an extension of Lifetick’s sales team with certified telemarketing professionals.

Our Strategic Response

Our collaboration began with extensive discussions to understand Lifetick’s needs and expectations fully. Together, we crafted a detailed strategic approach for the telemarketers at Munzai. Our response included:

  • Identifying the USP: We conducted a comparative study to identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, focusing on Lifetick’s unique selling points.
  • CRM Implementation and Training: We integrated top-tier tools to manage the project efficiently, automating tasks for faster processing.
  • Tracking Sales Activities: Thorough tracking using advanced tools ensured all prospecting and telemarketing data was well-maintained.
  • Multi-Platform Engagement: We diversified outreach by incorporating text messages and social media alongside calls and emails for increased response rates.
  • Establishing a Sales Funnel: This framework allowed telemarketers to analyze the project closely, tracking prospects from awareness to conversion.

Our progress on the project from January till September :

The Remarkable Results

Lifetick saw instant improvements in their energy campaign:

  • Increased ROI: Our strategies drove higher turnover and ROI for Lifetick.
  • Lowered Internal Costs: Outsourcing telemarketers reduced internal expenses related to hiring, training, management, and technology.
  • Effective Databases: We created efficient databases, identifying cost-saving patterns while boosting campaign success.
  • Time Management: Our expert telemarketers delivered results more efficiently, allowing Lifetick’s team to focus on core activities.
  • Scheduled Milestone Meetings: Regular milestone meetings ensured client satisfaction at every stage of the process.
  • Continuous Revision & Improvements: Munzai Solutions continually enhanced campaign analytics, resulting in more consistent outreach results

In no time, Munzai Solutions became the driving force behind Lifetick’s energy campaign’s immense success.

Success Metrics

  • Revenue Growth: Lifetick experienced recurring revenue growth of $18K.
  • Sales Call Metrics: When connected with decision-makers, Lifetick achieved a 50% success rate (e.g.,
    when 4 decision-makers were connected, 2 demos were booked).
  • Conversion Rates: The lead to closed won conversion rate stood at 19.2%.
    • Total Calls: 15,000
    • Total Meeting: 159
    • Total Emails Sent: 3,105

Continuing Excellence

The journey doesn’t end here. Lifetick and Munzai Solutions remain committed to delivering excellence in every endeavour. With a strong foundation built on strategic innovation, efficient operations, and a results driven approach, we are ready to continue delivering outstanding outcomes for Lifetick’s sales and marketing campaign.

As Lifetick strives for continued growth and success, Munzai Solutions will stand by their side, evolving strategies, refining techniques, and ensuring that the path to success remains brightened. Together, we look forward to even greater achievements, setting new standards for excellence in the goal-setting and workflow management sector. The journey continues, and the future holds exciting possibilities for Lifetick and Munzai Solutions alike.

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