Strategic Partnership between Poulin Willey and Munzai Solutions

Poulin Willey and Munzai Solutions Strategic Partnership

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Client Overview

An Anastopoulos law firm: Personal injury attorneys Poulin Willey is a determined legal service provider, who faced a significant challenge due to the high volume of client calls and the task of obtaining essential documentation like insurance declarations and medical records. Their internal team, which was responsible for distributing the required forms, found it difficult to meet the demand, which caused delays in the delivery of vital information. Identifying the need for outside assistance, Poulin Willey hired Munzai Solutions to handle outbound call management as well as duties involving getting insurance company declaration papers and medical records from hospitals and other facilities. 

The Pre-Munzai Approach

Before Munzai Solutions’ assistance, Poulin Willey’s internal staff concentrated on distributing forms, but they were unable to make phone calls or obtain the required documents due to the excessive number of requests. Poulin Willey sought Munzai Solutions’ assistance in effectively managing outbound calls and addressing the related responsibilities due to this process barrier. 

Challenges Faced By Poulin Willey

  • Because of the large number of inquiries, Poulin Willey’s team had trouble getting insurance declarations and medical information. 
  • The team’s ability to handle responsibilities related to medical billing requests and declaration forms, including making calls, was overworked, which affected overall efficiency. 
  • Poulin Willey’s team was overloaded with requests, which caused delays and gaps in client contact.

Munzai Solutions’ Strategic Response

Munzai Solutions adjusted its strategy after learning about the unique difficulties Poulin Willey was facing to effectively handle outbound calls and gathering documents tasks: 

  • Munzai Solutions established a dedicated staff to handle outbound calls. This team communicates with insurance providers to get required declarations and contacts medical facilities for billing and record retrieval. 
  • Simplified Documentation Process: A more efficient and logical workflow was achieved by improving the process of acquiring declaration forms and medical data. 
  • Task Handling Expertise: Munzai Solutions offered an effective and efficient solution by bringing expertise in handling the jobs that Poulin Willey’s internal team found difficult to manage. 

Progress Update

Munzai Solutions made major progress toward resolving Poulin Willey’s issues: 

Munzai Solutions’ outbound calls to insurance firms made the process of acquiring the required declarations more efficient. 

Munzai Solutions effectively handled calls to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, guaranteeing immediate medical records and billing information recovery.  

Because of the excessive volume of requests, the specialized team at Munzai Solutions completed tasks that the internal team at Poulin Willey found difficult. 


  • Poulin Willey’s clients saw fewer delays because of Munzai Solutions’ participation, which made it possible to get declaration forms and medical data more quickly and effectively. 
  • The specialized outbound call team contributed to improved overall efficiency in handling documentation-related tasks. 
  • Munzai Solutions provided relief to Poulin Willey’s internal team, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities while outsourced tasks were expertly managed. 

Poulin Willey’s Success Metrics

In the first month of collaboration between Poulin Willey and Munzai Solutions, a comprehensive set of success metrics shows a positive impact on operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Outbound Call Management

  • Total Outbound Calls Made: 1500 
  • Data Processed: 500 

Documentation Acquisition

  • Declaration Forms Obtained: 102 

Resource Upsell

  • Upsell 2 New Resources for the Medical Side

Continuing Excellence

Poulin Willey and Munzai Solutions are still dedicated to working together to continue improving tactics, simplifying documentation procedures, and investigating latest ideas. This collaboration is an excellent example of how smart outsourcing in the legal services industry may reduce operational difficulties and raise customer satisfaction. Together, they hope to continue growing and succeeding in meeting the needs of Poulin Willey’s customers. 

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