Sales Audit

Sales Audit
Sales Audit
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Our Process

Sales Audit Process

We want to make sure that we don’t miss any detail that can be helpful in conducting a purposeful audit. That’s why we begin with understanding the core mission of your brand. Tell us what you aim to achieve, and we’ll try our best to help you with that through our sales audit services.

It’s then important for us to know about your team structure; the total number of employees, their focus, hiring plan, etc. Although this might come across as a minimal detail, trust us, as a successful digital sales agency, we know the importance of every single detail, no matter how tiny. 

Here comes the most important part – The Target Market. From preparing call scripts and sales pitches to closing the deal, it all depends on your target market. Hence, we’d like to know what locations are you targeting, the buyer personas, etc. If you know who your target market is, you can focus your outbound marketing efforts there and know what kind of offers will be appealing to them.

Once we know the mission of your company, its team structure, and the target market, it’s now the time to assess your tools. The purpose of this assessment is to make sure that the tools and software that you’re using align with what your business requires. With the right tools, you can achieve the heights of success in no time. 

Knowing the positioning of your business is really helpful while performing a detailed sales audit. To understand the positioning, we need to know your Market Condition, Value Proposition, Pricing Strategy, competitors, and so on. Once we know these details, we can easily work our way along your business positioning. 

In the Outbound Marketing Strategy, we will need to know what marketing strategy you are currently using to create awareness about your product in your target market. Keeping the marketing and prospecting strategy in mind while conducting an audit is mandatory.

Once we have all that we need to know from you, we will run thorough research based on your current performance. The purpose of this audit is not to just tell you about your strengths and weaknesses but also to create an action plan on how you can overcome them.