Transformative Partnership Between Souqh and Munzai Solutions

Souqh and Munzai Solutions Strategic Partnership

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Client Overview

Souqh is a holistic real estate and home service marketplace in Canada that simplifies the entire home ownership journey – in one digital platform. Souqh gives an organized, and complete digital home ownership experience, by enabling realtors/home buyers/owners to connect, collaborate, and transact with service providers across their entire home ownership journey.

Souqh’s Motive

Souqh partnered with Munzai Solutions to improve and simplify its sales processes. For home service providers, Souqh offers a full marketplace with simple access to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and other home service providers.

The Challenge Faced

Souqh faced a particular obstacle that was different from standard cold calling techniques. The challenge was the variety of needs for obtaining different home service providers in various categories. As a result, we brought out a calculated plan of action that included scheduling more demonstrations. We sought to address the difficulty and create more sales possibilities by increasing the demo outreach, supplemented by targeted cold calls and other successful tactics. This strategy aimed to demonstrate our adaptive and proactive problem-solving abilities while meeting the unique requirements of acquiring a wide range of service providers.

Munzai’s Strategic Approach

Munzai Solutions dedicated a virtual sales team solely focused on engaging with Home Service Providers, addressing their needs through consultations. This involved crucial tasks such as cold calling, organizing demo sessions to elaborate on the platform’s advantages, and urging providers to subscribe. Additionally, the team provided consulting services, encouraging service providers to sign up on the platform for increased visibility. This not only enhanced their digital storefront but also offered additional benefits, including backlinks to their website, potential
leads, direct phone connections, and features on the platform’s main home page.

Value Addition by Munzai Solutions

Customized Cold Call scripts: To successfully convey Souqh’s advantages, Munzai Solutions created customized cold call scripts. Scheduling Demo Meetings: Our team helped providers schedule meetings for demonstrations. Providers have the chance to fully investigate as well as understand the range of features and advantages provided by the platform during these sessions. They were able to observe how the platform functions and how it might benefit them through this practical experience. Munzai Solutions not only consulted with Home Service Providers on subscription plans but also emphasized the advantages of the pricing structure. This guidance aimed to help providers make informed decisions about the most suitable plans for their needs. As part of the consultation process, the team encouraged service providers to sign up on the platform, ensuring increased visibility for their digital storefront. This, in turn, attracted more attention and viewers to their websites, providing additional benefits such as backlinks, potential leads, direct phone connections.

Progress and Achievements

The collaboration between Souqh and Munzai Solutions submitted quick progress:

  • Expanded Interaction: Munzai’s strategic efforts expanded the outreach to home service providers, resulting in a higher level of engagement from the target market.
  • Effective Demo Sessions were vital in providing prospective partners with an in-depth understanding of Souqh’s offerings and the value proposition of the platform. Munzai team took 240 demos and used a variety of strategies like Fast action discounts, urgency, and scarcity to drive more sales.
  • Plan adoption was successful, as many home service providers chose to sign up for Souqh’s plans. The results of our involvement were clear when we looked at the numbers: $2,331.5 for Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), $27,978 for Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), and 4,400 cold calls made monthly. Munzai’s efforts have been validated by these findings, which also demonstrate the long-term influence on the project’s financial metrics and success.

Continued Excellence

Souqh and Munzai Solutions are dedicated to maximizing each other’s efforts even more after their first achievement. Improvement of outreach techniques, use of data-driven insights, and innovation are examples of ongoing strategies to maintain Souqh’s standing as the leading marketplace in the Canadian real estate and home services industry. The connection between Souqh and Munzai Solutions is a prime example of the benefits of an effective partnership, as they look forward to sustained growth and success in simplifying the homeownership process. They want to take the real estate and home service sectors to new heights together.

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